Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Energy in You : An Introduction to the Chakra System

If you are new to the Alternative Health World, you are probably new to a lot of lingo that flies around at Yoga studios, Reiki Treatments, or Health Food Stores.  What exactly is this Ki, Prana or Chi? And What exactly is a blockage in my energy system?  Western medicine has us familiar with things like our skeletal system, or circulatory system but modern physics is really only recently begun to understand that we are energy.  Eastern Medicine or Ancient Medicine has been aware of this for thousands of years.  Now in no way to I tout to be an expert of Metaphysics or Physics.  So the best I can do is explain it in the way that I understand. 

Understanding that all things are made up of energy and we are a thing, we therefore are made up of energy.  Energy exists on differing frequencies, an example of which is observable by a rainbow.  Each colour on the rainbow, radiates at a different frequency, moving higher in vibrational frequency from the lowest infrared (which we can’t see) to the highest ultra violet (which we also cant see).  Luckily, we do see with the naked eye all the beautiful colours in between.  We also have the technology to observe that which our naked eye can’t see on the two extremes of the spectrum. 

So now we understand that energy exists even though it is both observable and not observable with the naked eye.  The same can be said for our energetic make up.  We can observe the physical body.  That is a dense lower frequency.  The majority of us can’t observe the auric field surrounding the physical body as it is a subtle higher frequency energy.  Still, we know it is there.  We can feel subtle energy any time we step in to a room and sense something is amiss.  Perhaps, a couple just had a argument and as the expression goes “the air is thick”.  

We are energetic beings interacting with an energetic world.  That at it’s very basic is Ki (in Japanese), Prana (in Sanskrit), or Chi (In Chinese).  All of these words are describing the same thing - the vital life force energy.  It is in us, around us and the primary substance of all life. 

When we are in flow or tuned to be radiating at the higher frequency that is the life force energy we are healthy, we are happy, and we are living in optimal conditions.  However when our lives get inundated with stress, toxins, environmental pollutants, etc which all radiate at a lower frequency the flow of energy becomes blocked.  Blocks in the energetic system create discord, disharmony, dis-ease, and real and tangible physical illness.

What then can we do about it?

Over the next 7 Articles, I will be looking into the blocks that can and easily do develop in our lives through the Chakra System or Energetic System of the human body.  I hope you join me down this path of discovering yourself all over again through the awareness of your own divine energetic life force being.

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